Keeth - Vocals

"I break trail and try to teach people how to avoid the thorns."

Cody - Guitar

"When you find yourself in the deepest rut you've ever known don't forget how good the guitar sounds." -

Darrell "Dimebag" Abbott

Rob - Guitar

"suround yourself with fire and you will see."

Eric - Drums

"I punch things i hate"

Justin - Bass

"Ever wonder what a rat vagina looks like?"


No Heat Tomorrow delivers a collection of bone crunching sounds. It is an injection of art into music, and emotion into song, to create powerful, expressive harmonies. The sounds are the fusion of high energy leads, and fierce percussions, driven by complex acoustics. Raw vocals lead the heavy guitars through their dynamic changes, which give a primal feel to the compilations. Dark riffs offset the light, and these diverse tones express the essence of the music… balance through chaos and expression through insight.


No Heat Tomorrow is a release... an escape from reality to a real place within. How it is interpreted, and the message it conveys, ultimately differs for everyone. For them, it is a way to share something personal and inspiring with you.




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